How GiftUWish Works

When you get the reminder from GiftUWish for a friend's birthday then you are prompted to select a gift. When you select your gift with your budget, the notification is sent to your friend that he or she has received a birthday message and present from you. When your friend opens GiftUWish's website then he or she has the option to accept your gift or choose another gift (You will not be informed about the exchange). Only then will the gift be shipped and delivered to the sender's friend. In a scenario, if the sender's friend rejects the gift, then the sender won't be charged for the gift.

What you need to do?

GiftUWish has a very simple process of sending and receiving gifts. Here is what you need to do:

Register yourself on GiftUWish's website to become a member. Add all the details about your friends and family members including their contact details.

That's all you need to do! Because GiftUWish will handle the rest for you by:

  • GiftUWish will get in touch with your friends and family to get important details like birthdays and anniversary details and prompt them to join GiftUWish's website.
  • GiftUWish will from then onward start sending you reminders when your family member or friend's birthday or anniversary comes up.
  • So now you don't have to worry about forgetting any happy occasion regarding your friends and family!

    How GiftUWish helps you?

    GiftUWish is a gift service that is not only the right stop for you to select from a variety of amazing gifts but it also gives you options never given before! It provides fast and easy service to make every important occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries and many more important events unforgettable! Give GiftUWish a try to make "gift ceremony" a special occasion forever for your family, friends and yourself!

    Why your family & friends will remember your next gift?

    Your friends and family will obviously remember your next gift because with the options available at GiftUWish , you will never get the wrong gift! A carefully-chosen gift is always special to the ones we love but it is also important for us to give our loved ones the right gift. GiftUWish fulfills that desire and makes our loved ones happy and thrilled.

    GiftUWish is owned and managed by Middle East Business Consultancy FZE, incorporated in the United Arab Emirates.