About GiftUWish.com

To make gift-giving a successful and star-struck experience for your friends and family on their happy occasions because they will ALWAYS be happy with your gift, no matter what!

Buying a gift for your loved ones is a very sentimental process. Apart from the gift itself, a lot of thought, love and care are put into that gleaming colorful wrapped box where the gift is placed inside carefully. You wait anxiously for your loved ones to open your present so that you can see their happiness and joy. Sadly this only happens when your budget matches the gift you are sure your loved ones will want. What do you do when you have a good budget but still can't find a present for your friend or family? You can't just choose something randomly by doing "eeny meeny miny moe." If you do, then the gift box becomes a time bomb because you hate the idea of giving something that your loved ones wouldn't like or want!

Don't you wish on such occasions there was some alternative where you can get some ease when selecting a gift for your friend and family? No need to wish anymore because "GiftUWish" is your wish come true! How? It is an online gift service that gives the sender and receiver flexibility never given before. To enjoy this flexibility all they need to do is join the services of GiftUWish.

A New Gift Experience

Here is a scenario where GiftUWish' services come in handy for you. Suppose Karl's birthday is approaching and his friend John is buying him a present from GiftUWish's large and awesome collection of gifts. John's budget is $50 and he buys for Karl, his favorite cologne. When John has made the payment, Karl will get a notification from GiftUWish that he has a present waiting from the website. Now when Karl open's John's present on the website, the option on the website will show up for Karl asking him whether he wants to keep the cologne or get something else for the same price. Suppose somebody had already given Karl the cologne, so now Karl can exchange John's gift for something else! And John will not be informed that the gift was exchanged.

Isn't this great? Wouldn't you have hated to give your friend the same present as someone else? Or if you were in Karl's shoes, wouldn't you have hated receiving the same present twice even if it is your favorite cologne? Also this is not all that GiftUWish has to offer to you. GiftUWish has another cool option for gift receivers. If Karl has received lot of presents through GiftUWish from his friends and family, then he also has the option to consolidate all the gifts sent to him and buy an expensive present from the website! So you see, GiftUWish is full of advantages for both the sender and receiver.

Two never-before options in GiftUWish


Do you need to send invitations to friends and family but don't have the time? No problem! Just log in to GiftUWish's website and send Invitations to your friends and family. When the invitee receives the invitation they can click on "attending" or "not attending" which lets you know the status of your invitation.

Get well soon

This feature is available to members who have enabled this option and it can be disabled if the members change their mind.

This feature is for somebody hospitalized caused by sickness or accident. On such occasions you show support to your friends and family by sending them a bouquet and cards. With a "Get well soon" option, the receiver can NOW convert the bouquet to money instead if they don't want the flowers and are in need of money. The sender will not know about this unless the receiver tells the sender.

GiftUWish is owned and managed by Middle East Business Consultancy FZE, incorporated in the United Arab Emirates.